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Paula Vail

Paula Vail RMT is a Published Award Winning Author, Radio & TV Show Host, Reiki Master & Teacher in Usui Reiki and the Owner & Founder of, also an Inspirational Speaker and Shaman with decades of transformational experiences. She has become incredibly successful, renowned as a rare beacon of Joy with a sincere passion to serve, inspire, and support others.  As an author Paula’s acclaimed book “Why am I so Happy” is the Gold Medal winner in Self-Help books, by the Global Book Awards Organization in 2022. Paula also co-authored the book “America’s Leading Ladies who positively Impact our World” with Oprah Winfrey, Melinda Gates, and others. Paula is also the co-author of the “Beyond Wellness Usui Reiki Training Manual”. Paula was recently chosen as the Executive Spotlight in the MARQUIS WHO’S WHO of Professional Women of Influence 2022. Paula was featured in New York City Times Square by the Continental Who’s Who organization as a Pinnacle Professional and has been featured in, and on the cover of multiple magazines including Q & A in Publisher’s Weekly, The New York Daily, Speak Magazine, and two times in the “Women of Distinction Magazine” for her achievements in business and life, along with being featured by The National Digest in 2022.  She was recently awarded “Empowered Woman of 2019” and “Top Female Professional of 2018” by “IOATP” The International Association of Top Professionals. Paula has recently been featured in Publisher’s Weekly, Thrive Global, America Daily Post, One World Herald, California Herald, CUTV News, Speak Magazine and many others.  Paula is the Host of “Elevating Your Life” where her show connects experts in the field of happiness and self-improvement for the betterment of mankind.

Amy Honey

Amy Honey is an international speaker and trainer in the areas of customer engagement, body language, behavior modification, sales, and habit transformation.   Amy is a social media influencer in the youthful aging space and isn’t afraid to get down and boogie on TikTok. She’s also the co-host of “Meet The Author’s” Live on Amazon with her husband, Jamie. She has an extensive background in high ticket sales and is known by her peers as the “power-house closer”. She is personally responsible for about 5 million in product sales at live events and online for her clients yearly, and is an authentic risk-taker with a great sense of humor. Amy has numerous health and fitness certifications and was a professional stunt actress. Amy’s greatest passion is transforming people’s lives to make a positive impact on the world through teaching people the psychology behind ethical sales and human behavior.

Jamie Honey

Jamie Honey is an Emotional Energy Specialist, died 18 years of age and returned with a unique insight into humanity and in understanding Human Behavior. For 20 years as an international stunt actor, Improv Trainer and show creator for Universal Studios Japan and Warner Brothers Movie World Australia, Jamie lived and worked around the world experiencing various cultures and exploring new ways of thinking. Jamie has multiple certifications in Hypnosis, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Emotion code, and Energy Healing combined with knowledge in quantum physics, assists Jamie to becoming a master integrator of Personal Development, and the creative imaginative process, helping people release their subconscious money blocks and inherited limiting beliefs.